Photo Restoration

Restorations Sample

Point Shot Photography does photo restorations. Do you have any priceless photos that have been damaged in some way? Depending on the condition of your original photo, there is a good chance I can restore it.

Some things I can do include:

● removing blemishes, scratches, tears, and other unwanted marks.

● restoring faded images.

● colorizing black and white photos.

● eliminating unwanted background objects.

● and much more...

All of my work is done on a digital copy of your photo.  With the exception of scanning your photo, your original photo will not be handled or altered in any way.

I either need to scan your original photo myself, OR if you have access to a scanner - you can scan the photo yourself and send me a high resolution file.  For best results, image scans should be done at 600dpi or higher.  Pricing varies based on the condition of the photo and how much restoration work must be put into it.

Feel free to contact me or call (204)415-7204 for a free quote on your photo restoration needs!

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